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There are several ways to take Zoom meeting attendance. Usage reports include attendee join time, leave time, and an attentiveness score. Poll reports identify attendees by name if the poll was not administered anonymously. Chat transcripts that include attendee names can also be saved and reviewed.

Three tracking methods

Usage reports

Reports are generated automatically when the host ends a meeting or it closes after 40 minutes of inactivity. This could be a single, recurring, or persistent meeting. It may take up to 30 minutes for the reports to become available. In a usage report, each meeting participant is identified by name, along with their meeting join and leave time and their attentiveness score. Attention tracking must be enabled or the attentiveness score will always be 100%.


Asking meeting attendees to take poll at some point, or at multiple points, during the meeting can be an effective way to track attendance. Of course, the poll cannot be anonymous. A report of the poll results, including the name of the attendee, can be reviewed and exported after the meeting.

Chat transcripts

Saving and reviewing the chat transcript can also help track attendance. Attendees might be asked to simply enter "Present" in chat, but this method works best when chat participation is being evaluated as a measure of student engagement or in response to a specific topic or activity.


To access Zoom reports:

  1. Browse to https://minnstate.zoom.us and select Sign In
  2. Enter your StarID username (e.g., ab1234cd) and password.
  3. Select Reports from the list of items on the left (Fig 1.1)

Usage reports


  1. Select Usage to open up the usage report tool.
  2. Pick the desired date range (2)
  3. Select Search(3). Each meeting session that started and ended within that range will be listed.
  4. Select Export as CSV File (4) to download a copy of this list.


  1. From meetings usage report (Fig 1), select the number of meeting participants under the Participants columns for the meeting of interest (5). This will open a Meeting Participants report (Fig 2).
  2. Select desired report options (1) Export with meeting data if you want to include general meeting information in your report. Select Show unique users to consolidate duplicates (e.g., people who left and rejoined the same meeting session)
  3. Select the Export button to download these data in a CSV file.

Poll reports

(coming soon)

Chat transcripts

  1. While hosting a meeting, select the Chat button to open the chat panel (Fig 3)
  2. Select the More button (1)
  3. Select Save Chat from the menu (2). The file will be saved in the default folder location.
  4. Open the default folder location (Fig 4) to locate the chat transcript file if needed.

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