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Class Location, Days and Times

  • Course ID: Soc 212-01, Soc 212-02
  • When: 10/27 from 9:00-10:00a.m. in Minne 234 and 11:00-12:00p.m. in Minne 237


Project Details

This is a 7-9 minutes video where, as a group, you will share information about your topic with proper citation of at least six scholarly sources and discuss this literature. In our session we will cover the key concepts related to building an effective storyboard for your video projects, use Office Mix and QuickTime to capture screens with clean audio, and download the CpatureSpace Lite tool and record. This resource also has the directions for posting your finished videos to D2L BrightSpace Assignment Submission Folders.


In our session we will use PowerPoint to storyboard with the Notes tool. This tool is handy for working out timing, what resources will be used and any references you will need to document for your literature. In class, we will cover the following five elements for your storyboard (1. Key ideas, 2. Timing, 3. Media, 4. Narration, and 5. Sources).

Capturing Video with Office Mix and QuickTime

In class I will show you how to capture your screens with Office Mix. For Mac users you can also use QuickTime to record your screens and have a clean audio track. Please make sure you are correctly providing references in your group videos. The following links take you to resources for recording content with these two tools. Recording with QuickTime Recording with Office Mix Note: Office Mix can be downloaded on this site and will soon be integrated into PowerPoint.

Downloading & Recording with CaptureSpace Lite

CapruteSpace Lite can record your laptop screen, video, and audio with this easy to use tool. Documentation for downloading CaptureSpace Lite can be found at Recording with CaptureSpace Lite. However, starting with the CaptureSpace Lite Quickstart guide is an excellent place to start using this tool.

Note: CaptureSpace Lite is no longer supported. To record within MediaSpace, refer to How to record using Kaltura Capture.

Posting Video to D2L BrightSpace Assignment Submission Folders

Once you have uploaded your videos you can post these in a number of places in D2L Brightspace. In your class you will be submitting these videos to the D2L BrightSpace Assignment Submission Folder. Directions for posting your videos are found in the link below.

DLC STARS/Presenter

  • Chad Kjorlien

DLC Contact Information

Phone: 457-2206

Email: DLC@winona.edu

Location: Krueger Library #105

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