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Class Location, Days and Times

  • Course ID: Concepts in Prof Nursing (Nurs 415-02) 20183001925
  • Where: Online Resources

Project Details

The focus of this project is to have students record student presentations using the CaptureSpace Lite tool found in MediaSpace service. These videos will be Assignment Submission Folders for grading purposes and directions for both recording and submitting assignments are found below.


What We Will Cover

The two key tools for this project are found within MediaSpace. MediaSpace is a media streaming tool (e.g. YouTube) that allows you to easily upload to your videos (e.g. from a phone or laptop) for your instructor to grade. In MediaSpace you can also download CaptureSpace Lite. CaptureSpace Lite is a tool that allows you to record video with a laptop camera, anything on your laptop screen, and audio. CaptureSpace Lite also allows you to add titles, edit content, and add metadata to your videos. The following articles show you how to capture, upload, and share these videos with your class and professor.

Ulizing CaptureSapce Lite for recording videos. Documentation for launching CaptureSpace lite can be found at Recording with CaptureSpace Lite. Once you have uploaded your videos you can post these in a number of places in D2L Brightspace. However, we cover

If you are working on this project remotely from your group you can share your videos with group member who can create a playlist of your videos by following the directions in the following article.

Additional Information

If there are any questions on any other software the students will have to make 1:1 appointments with the DLC in the Krueger Library #105 or by calling 507-457-2206.

DLC STARS/Presenter

  • Chad Kjorlien

Resources/Helpful Links

MediaSpace Resources

CaptureSpace Lite Resources